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So, here’s the run down on this amazing family. Nadia and I met in college, where we were soccer teammates. Truth be told, she knows this, I didn’t care for her much. She was sassy, sarcastic, confident and just a bit outspoken. It didn’t take me long to realize though that those are the very reasons to love her as well, especially when you find out that she’s loyal, practical and extremely caring.

And we’ve been friends ever since, which . . . has been a remarkable 8 years all ready! Man, oh man. That is crazy. Nad’s I don’t know what I would do without you as my sounding board.

Back to the pictures, Nadia’s brother, Matt and his family were going to be visiting Minnesota for a planned family reunion. Nadia is a born planner so months away, while Rebecca was still pregnant with Ethan, she contacted me to set up a family session as a present to Matt and Rebecca. Of course, we couldn’t stop there though. :)

First up, Nadia and Aaron, who will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in just a month!

I happen to think that I have really attractive friends, even when they can’t settle down from laughing. :)

And then, it was time to shoot Matt, Rebecca, Lila and Ethan. Can you say that these kids lucked out on their parents or what?

Rebecca is just too beautiful and the love that she has for her children is obvious to all. She just dotes on her little 2 month old Ethan and oh, did that ramp up my baby fever. She’s got so much love for him!

Let’s not forget about Lila though! This girl has the biggest personality and greeted me with the sweetest hug as soon as I stepped out of my car. I just love this series.

It’s a shame they live down south, I could photograph this every weekend. :)

And of course we had to seize the opportunity for a family picture, as Yasmin flew in from Dubai to surprise Nadia!

And then Ahmed fed me and all was right in my world. Another spoonful of yogurt, please?

Thank you to the AbuAyed’s and Opatz’ I had a fabulous time with you, as always. :)


  1. Julia Mary says:

    leah, these are amazing! I love them

  2. Nadia says:

    Cannot get over how great the pictures are!! You really captured Matt's family perfectly and it's fun to have great pictures of Aaron and I. Thank you so much for doing this for our family!!

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