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As a blogger, I’ve come to light up at the sight of the contrasting navy and orange of the blogger service. In general the days of writer’s block are few and I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to put pen on paper, er fingers to keyboard.

And then . . . we arrive at this venture. I seem to be a big ‘ol photography blog failure. My personal posts seem to stay personal, never crossing into photography and my photography posts stay pictorial, never showing any depth.

What a dilemma. At least it’s consistent though. I do seem to be facing dilemmas in pursuing this gig. There’s the time issue, which really is two fold. I don’t seem to have enough time in the day to make this into what I see in my heart, believe in my mind that it can be, nor am I willing to sacrifice the time with my family that so incredibly defines who I am. In addition, there’s the money catch 22. Why must one always have money to make money? Not that I’m intent on being wealthy, just a borderline profitability would do. :)

There are definitely highlights though and they seem to be growing brighter, just as the sun is gaining strength in Minnesota!

For one, I’ve booked yet another wedding. Just a few months ago this seemed unattainable, a year ago unimaginable. I wouldn’t be here without the support of family and friends, especially those early ones entrusting their faith.

And as a push towards something tangible, I have business cards. Real business cards which have my name and contact on them. Like a big timer. And to top it off, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be gone soon . . . but I’m okay with that, as I have commissioned the start of my first branding and identity!

I’m stoked to begin the process with Rhian! I connected with her through the wonders of Etsy, and it appears that she has made quite a few people happy. I was immediately drawn to her use of illustrations and the depth that they employ to create 3 dimensionality. Wouldn’t you agree [this is just an example of her work]?


So thanks for hanging in there with me! I’m excited by the prospect of the future and can not wait to shed the drabness of winter for the potential blooms of spring! There will be a mini-session post coming, as well as a new website and blog!

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