Amanda & Chris | Engaged

Words have always been my favorite. I picked up a solid vocabulary throughout my school years, as I was always burying my nose in a book. I used them skillfully to uplift or poignantly tear down others. I took so much joy in being quick witted and I definitely took it for granted. Unfortunately, my little miss seems to have stolen that last little bit of my wit. So I apologize for the times when words fail me, stuck perpetually on the tip of my tongue. With that in mind, I’m so thankful for pictures like the below. I don’t have to tell you how impossibly in love Amanda and Chris are. The photos speak of their love a million times better than I could convey.

Happy wedding day you two! I can’t wait to celebrate with you on this perfect fall day.


  1. I ADORE these, Leah!!! Oh my golly, such gorgeous images. And can I pleeeeease have her coral pants?? Adorable.

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