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On this eve of the eve of my summer wedding season, the butterflies have begun. It doesn’t matter how many weddings I have shot or the hours spent consulting with couples, meticulously planning the details, the excitement that each individual wedding brings never lessens .

It’s rather thrilling!

The beginning of wedding season also ushers in a rather stressful time in our household, but if their is one thing we thrive off, of it’s rising to the challenge. My husband, Tony, is my greatest supporter, even when he isn’t intentionally helping. We trade off, he with officiating hockey in the winter and me, with the photographing weddings nearly every weekend in the summer. [don’t mind me as I start humming Mary Tyler Moore’s “You’re Going to Make it After All”]

Knowing that my time with my family will be in shorter supply the next 12 weeks, I plan to draw my family close this weekend and then delve in, with Katie and Nathaniel’s Sunday wedding.

I hope that you enjoy a fabulous long weekend with those nearest and dearest to you! Check back next week for some wedding sneaks.

image of my family from the best :: Gina Zeidler

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