Fair Success

This past weekend, due to the prodding of my great friend Kirsten of Fab.you.lous Events, I took part in the I Do Redo Sale at the Maple Grove Community Center. Leading up to the event there were several unknowns, as it was the first sale and no one was quite sure what to expect. Let’s just say there are now several great expectations for the next event, which rumor has it may be this fall!

April2010 008
The beautiful set-up that Tony and Kirsten achieved.

Due to sessions in the morning, I had the most fantastic Leah Maria Photography representative in my place: my husband, Tony. To all of those who had the opportunity to meet him, I’m sure you know why it was an easy decision. All though he may not know an f-stop from a truck stop, he is passionate about my success because he knows how much enjoyment I take from photography.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by! While the majority seemed to have spoken with Tony, I sincerely enjoyed those of you who I was also able to meet! I look forward to continuing or initiating our conversations regarding your photography needs.

Please email leahmariaphoto@gmail.com to discuss availability!


  1. Andrea says:

    Good for you, Leah! It's so exciting seeing you stepping out and making your business happen! :)

  2. Amy says:

    Beautiful set up, and even more beautiful pictures! What a nice Hubby you have to step in your place :) Wishing you continued success in your business!

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