Introducing, the Studio

After many sneaky posts, a couple jubilant updates and even a few sessions, it’s high time, I provide an official introduction.

Folks, please meet the studio.

6327 Cambridge Street 204 aka Collective Crew.

It feels good to have a space to call home and to be able to say, the studio is now available by appointment, for consults and sessions.

There is something that I will always enjoy just a titch more about conducting a session in-home, especially newborn, but in instances like Norah’s winter centered Grow with Me package [email me for custom package details! :)] it was awesome to bring Heather and Dan into the studio for her 6 month session, after doing her newborn and 3 month session at home, for a great change of scenery.


  1. Julie S. says:

    I am thrilled for you! What a wonderful set up! :)

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