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If you didn’t happen to see it on my facebook fan page, I had the absolute privilege of capturing my brother’s proposal to my soon to be sister in law, Bethany! My brother and I have always been close, but I didn’t think I could be more proud of him than watching his friendship with my husband over the past seven years flourish and his love for his nephews deepen. Cue Bethany’s entrance.

Together this pair have a love for life, family, friends and each other that is just mesmerizing, but I think you could have figured that out yourself based on the below pictures.

While the location was not ideal from a photographer’s standpoint, it held immense meaning to them and their relationship, as early into their dating, on a whim, Bethany jumped into the water and asked Levi, pointedly whether he was going to do the same. Both figuratively and literally when Levi followed Bethany by jumping into the pond, it was an action of commitment and a promise of what was to come. Without question, it was where Levi wanted to propose.

Um, are you in love with these two yet as well? That girl, it’s easy to see why Levi fell hard.

And for the record, these images were captured while I covertly sat on the side of a hill across the pond. It’s true, I’ll do most anything to get the shot. I didn’t do it gracefully, as Levi was gently reprimanded to stay in the moment by Bethany while he was checking my messages and she told him “It’s just a phone.” I wasn’t sure if we were on schedule or not. I was quite certain I’d botched it a million ways and positive that they were on the bridge when I approached. Thankfully, as my stomach churned itself into an unrecognizable clump of knots, I finally saw them enter the bridge. And then, I got to watch my baby brother, ask the woman that he loves, for her hand in marriage.

Dressed like this. :)



  1. Jeannie says:

    What a beautiful, magical moment to have captured! I love everything about this… Congratulations a million times over to Levi and Bethany! May they forever be blessed with a life as beautiful as this proposal :)

  2. Amy says:

    love, love, love.

    What a fabulous memory for you to be able to witness such a tender moment in their lives and relationship. What a fabulous memory for your Brother to include you on something so private, so intense and so important in his life. What a fabulous memory for Bethany to be able to look back on these photos.

  3. Jen Martodam says:

    Leah! This is awesome! Very gorg couple and I love your getup. Too funny!!

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