Maternity Leave

Well, it’s about that time. I’m declaring my maternity leave. Don’t worry, if you had no idea I was pregnant, it was never announced on this blog, so it’s not a post you missed. I never felt like there was an appropriate time to make the announcement after suffering a previous miscarriage, so I apologize for the lack of communication. Now? Now though, there’s no denying the baby kicks and impending birth of my 2nd son and I love it. Now seems like a great time to announce my maternity leave.

The downside, of course, is that while I’m on maternity leave, there is no one to pick up where I am unable to work. I sparingly booked sessions and weddings throughout May and June, but will not be accepting any additional sessions until late August as August is chock full of weddings. I will remain in contact with clients with booked sessions and upcoming weddings, but can not guarantee communication past these at this time. Please respect and understand, that while I love this work and all of my amazing clients wholeheartedly, that I am ultimately a wife and mother foremost. I absolutely appreciate your patience and understanding through this wonderfully exciting time for my family, as we transition to a family of 4!


  1. Congratulations beautiful Leah!!!! When is the bundle expected?! I can’t wait to see you for our end of August wedding.

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