Monica & Jacob Wed | Minneapolis-St Paul Portrait and Wedding Photography

It’s been so important to me to book clients who resonate, with each other, with their families and with me. I choose to pursue photography because I am passionate about creating beautiful images that embody love and that convey more than just the moment they are taken. Again, I choose to pursue it, in addition to my full time occupation and my loves, Tony, Isaac and Ezra. It’s why being chosen by the right couples, the couples who are obviously invested in each other is such an honor to me.

Monica and Jacob are just one such couple. When Monica and I first met, she apologized if she smelled like horse. Immediately I wanted to smell, because the 12 year old in me yearned for that sweet smell of hay, dirt and warm body, but I restrained myself. Hah! How weird would that have been? As our meeting unfolded, I was so excited to hear their story and was elated to be chosen to be a part of their laid back, Wisconsin country wedding.

See below to see why.

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