Sydney | 1 Year

Oh little miss Sydney is an absolute peach. She just seems like the sweetest little lady and Laura of course had the most precious ribbon sweater and coordinating accessories, including Johan. :)

Check out the eyes she has for her Daddy.

We joked that a Spoonbridge and Cherry picture was too cliche . . . but it’s one of my favorites and I’ve never taken a picture including it!

I love these sweet family moments. Clapping can be such fun activity and Sydney loved Patty Cake.

There was so much going on that Sydney didn’t necessarily want to do what was suggested, but she managed to look cute throughout.

The wind just kicked up as we had Sydney standing on the bench and her eyes completely lit up when she saw her Kitty. Such a doll!

Gjenvick’s I appreciate our impromtu session so much! Thank you for spending Saturday with me.

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