Tierney & Josh | Anniversary Session

When Kim and I first met to discuss her upcoming wedding, we realized very quickly that we seemed to have a LOT in common! From preferred activities, mutual friends and taste in music we truly hit it off. Which obviously meant I was looking forward to spending the day with friends, as they pledged their undying love to each other.

I just have to share about how I first met Tierney, a little less than a year ago. Tony had come downtown to celebrate my birthday with me by way of having lunch together. We were making our way through the IDS Building, when all of a sudden the woman in front of us on the bench jumped up and excitedly said I know you! You’€™re Leah!€ Immediately confused, as I a€™m usually pretty good with faces and I had no recognition for the brunette in front of me, she quickly put me out of my misery and said, €I read your blog!€

Ahhhhh! The puzzle pieces fell into place. I a€™m quite certain she only recognized me because Tony was standing right next to me, as I’€™ve never been sighted€ since. :) I asked her her name and unfortunately/fortunately with a name like Tierney, when she contacted me this summer to do an anniversary session, I was quite certain she was my same gal. And I love her for it! Our session together was a ton of fun, because she seems to put that same energy into most everything.

And I swear, even if they didn’t€™t have the cutest little Cockapoo, they’€™d still be in contention for cutest couple ever. I suppose that’€™s what can happen after 7 years of marriage with your high school sweetheart.


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