Wedded: 2nd Shooting

January 30th I was able to accompany Gina Zeidler down to Norwood/Young America to assist her at the wedding of Bevan and Liz.

Due to our ongoing uploading I didn’t walk away with a lot of photos, but am able to share some of my favorites taken midway through the day.


A sweet moment before leaving for the ceremony. Liz and Bevan couldn’t have been better supported by their friends and family.

Liz’s Dad snuck a peak just before their grand entrance and even snagged one last reassuring kiss to her hand.

United despite their origins [New Zealand and America], Bevan and Liz were inseperable and totally jazzed.

Liz’s color and detail choices were right up my alley!


  1. Rachel says:

    love them! my favorite is the dad sneaking a peek!!!!

  2. Miss says:

    these are GREAT leah!!!

  3. noah wolf says:

    I dig your eye.

  4. event design says:

    atta baby, Leah! so proud of you. i want MORE.

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