Kim & Matt in Love | Minneapolis-St Paul Wedding & Portrait Photography

When I first met Kim, she was a bit apprehensive. And to be honest, so was I. See, she’d already had a signed contract with a wedding photographer, but unfortunately, as it happened, they double booked her date. Her distrust was evident and I didn’t blame her one bit, but ultimately, I wanted to change her mind. I wanted her to be happy. excited. overjoyed. at the very least, relieved!

Turns out, we knocked it out of the park and just a few weeks later we were able to get together to shoot these fun engagement pictures!

So excited to spend an amazing day together with you guys July 14th!


  1. Amanda W says:

    I love these. You’re so talented. Wish I could have had you at my wedding, girly.

  2. Kier says:


  3. Kim says:

    Thanks for featuring our engagement session on your website. We too are very excited to have you shoot our special day!

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