Kim & Rodney Wed | Minneapolis-St Paul Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Kim and Rodney were my surprise add on of 2011, as Kim met with me while the season was well under way. They knew however that there wasn’t going to be much issue for their date, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They weren’t even newly engaged, but they decided there was no reason to wait until the following year to marry! And suddenly I found myself with 3 weddings in November, which is typically the beginning of the slow season for wedding photographers.

What I loved most about their wedding was how closely knit their families were. You could tell that their siblings weren’t just included in the bridal party because it was the normal choice, but because they truly were that good of friends! And why wouldn’t they be? Not only are they beautiful people, their personalities are just as bright!

The weather was brutal, with freezing temps and a little sleet, but they were troopers!

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