Sneak Peak | Nikki and Roman

I first met Nikki when she jadedly, bubbled her way into my previous team at work. How can one be effervescent and dole out more than daily doses of reality? I haven’t got the foggiest idea, but Nikki manages it. And if she ever could be matched, Roman equals her in life. I’ve only met Roman a few, okay, maybe one other time, but I knew going into our session that pictures were not high on his list of fun activities. I was right, but I underestimated his love for Nikki. :)

Of all of the sessions I’ve shot, capturing their love was the easiest. There were barely any cued kisses, suggestive touching. It was already happening and I loved every second!

I can’t wait for your wedding in September you guys! It’ll be here before you know it! For now, enjoy the sneak peak!


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