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Man, if there was ever a blog slowly dying, a month plus without a post would surely be a good indication! I suppose it’s to be expected during the high time of summer, but if anyone still checks this baby out I plan to never go that long again!

This summer has been amazing and quite life changing. Tony and I have really buckled down and made some decisions, embraced way too many unknowns to count and are still managing to keep connected through all of the changes. I’ve shot more this year than probably the total of my adult life, by assisting Gina Zeidler at the vast majority of her 26+ weddings. The experience, knowledge and friendship that I’ve gained are without monetary value. I can see my future and all of my dreams for it, it’s just the application of change that has to be sorted through to finally progress.

The passing of time has been all too apparent this summer through the daily and weekly, let alone monthly changes in Isaac.

The responsibility of being a parent can be overwhelming at times, and I’ve found myself very emotional at weddings lately due to the popularity of slideshows shown at some point through out the day. There’s just something about being a photographer and seeing the reduction of one’s childhood to mere photos. Every slideshow I watch just makes me come undone and realize the responsibility that I have to maximize my relationship with my son . . . and take even more pictures, as if that’s possible. :)

We’ve also had our share of heartache this summer. It seems so silly to correlate to a fortune cookie, but I often think of the one hanging on our fridge [or as my husband calls it the “refridge”], by Oliver Wendell Holmes “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” I can’t seem to better relate to anyone quote than this one. It seems many things that were once intangible were made realistic, only to be taken away this year. While I’m not sorry for the experiences, my thought process has forever been altered by them.

This summer, just August 5, also marked our 4 year wedding anniversary. Tony and I took the time to celebrate by using a gift card my brother gave me for Christmas. What can I say? We don’t get out much anymore! :) We spent a lovely evening reflecting, sharing and planning for our future. It was an amazing time.

This man? He’s still got it. My heart, adoration, respect. Everything.
August 191
I haven’t gotten very personal on here, nor have I really updated, so I just thought I’d take the opportunity to get caught up! More picture posts to come, as I have so many fun shoots coming up, including the majority of my weddings this year!


  1. melissa o says:

    You are fabulous. A fabulous photographer, a fabulous writer but more importantly a fabulous person. I count myself pretty darn lucky to know you. (And Happy Anni!) xoxo

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