So here we go!

Today has already been a huge day for me and my trip has only just begun. Last night I spent the night alone with my son, Isaac, as my husband had already left earlier in the day for hunting. Sleeping by myself can sometimes be nerve racking for me, but I knew it would pale in comparison to the events of the next few days.

This morning I packed by myself, while wrangling my son, and managed to remember everything! This includes pajamas, my cell phone charger and my hair brush. I seem to forget these items notoriously and was certain that without my husband’s reminders that I would forget. I could feel my momentum building as I left the house.

When I saw my Mom though, the momentum faded, speaking with an adult allowed all of my fears to begin creeping in, starting with apprehension that I somehow ordered my plane ticket for the incorrect date or wrong destination. This continued as we drove to the airport, but I took a few minutes to praise God in directing me to purchase a direct flight!

The worries immediately dissolved once I found my gate and opened my camera bag. From my husband, Tony.

He will usually leave me a note on the oven to be sweet or in times we find ourselves away from each other, and he’d scattered several throughout the house. The last three I received including one closed within the laptop,  under my pillow and in my suitcase which he’d brought upstairs for me, I expected to be the last. You can imagine the reaction that this one caused, instant choke up as I sat alone at the gate.

What I take away from this weekend and experience is unknown to me at this time. Knowing that I have the love and support of virtually everyone who surrounds me already makes me a changed person.

PS:: Everyone should be entitled to wine on board a flight! Delightful.

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